Roll Out the Red

Keep the Roll Out the Red Initiative Moving Forward This Year

As a manager, it's your role to keep your troops connected and motivated about service excellence on campus. This monthly check list will help you keep the Roll Out the Red initiative moving forward in the next 12 months. Use these ideas or come up with your own.  

 Month                            Action Item 
 January How are your telephone skills? Set the example for your employees. Visit for a refresher on great customer service skills using the phone.
 February Have you included customer service skills in your employees’ annual performance reviews? If not, consider creating a measurable customer service goal for next year’s reviews.
 March Recruit a fellow manager to be a “secret shopper” for your area. Ask her/him to call or visit and note positive customer service and potential improvements. Share the results with your employees and ask for their ideas. 
 April “Catch” your employees doing something right – then tell them on the spot! Employees sometimes only hear from the boss when something goes wrong. Surprise them with meaningful praise. 
 May Examples of great customer service are all around us at Ball State. Ask your employees to send you an email whenever they see or personally experience a “Roll Out The Red” moment. Contact the employee or his/her manager and share the “good job!” comment.
 June Remind your employees to avoid the “Ball State Bounce”. Encourage them to continue helping students or fellow employees get the right answer.
 July If you have a staff retreat, make a step-by-step plan to implement the changes discussed at the retreat in time. 
 August Ask your professional staff to brainstorm the top 5 "service struggle scenarios" to use for training student staff. Ask them to describe the Roll Out the Red behaviors you want to see students using.  
 September The Ball State Office of Learning & Development offers more than 90 sessions annually on a wide variety of work-related topics. Visit The Office Learning & Development to read about sessions relevant to you or your staff. Plan to attend a session with an employee and share ideas! 

Devote time during a staff meeting to discuss: 1) What system (policy, procedure, or practice) do we have in place that frustrates students or customers? 2) What is the first step we need to take to improve this system? 

 November In an email to your team ask, “Do our customers (internal or external) ever have unrealistic expectations of us? How can we better manage expectations?” Share the best comments in a summary email back to everyone on your team. 
 December Time to look back at the last 12 months and celebrate! Seek out each person on your team and sincerely thank him or her for being a contributor to great customer service.  

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