It is the responsibility of each individual to protect their password, as stated in the Information Technology Users’ Privileges and Responsibilities. If a Ball State user account becomes compromised, it is necessary to report the compromise.

Having a Ball State compromised account means an unauthorized source has obtained your Ball State username and password. This can be, and usually is accomplished by the account owner providing their username and password to a phishing scam

It’s crucial to disable the compromised account immediately, so the hacker cannot fraudulently access any additional campus resources the owner has access to. As a student it could be your BlackboardGradebook and Bursar account information. As an employee it could be one of many systems across campus depending upon your job responsibilities.

If you are unable to access your Ball State account and you have provided your username and password either by replying to an e-mail or clicking on a link and providing them on a fraudulent web page, you should contact the Technology Helpdesk at 765 285-1517 or by submitting a ticket at for instructions on getting your account enabled. For examples of recently reported scams, visit the BSU Reported Spam web site.  

*** There is NO university department or person on campus that is permitted to ask you for your username and password by phone, e-mail or any other means of communication. If you receive an e-mail and you are unsure about it being legitimate, contact the Helpdesk for assistance before taking any action.