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University Senate


Name Position Phone University Position
Amy Harden Chairperson
Assistant Professor of Family and Consumer Sciences
Department of Family and Consumer Sciences
Chin-Sook Pak
Vice Chairperson 765-285-1384
Associate Professor of Spanish
Lisa Pellerin Secretary 765-285-5451
Director of Women's and Gender Studies Program and Associate Professor of SociologyDepartment of Sociology
Aric Hopper
Student Member President Pro Tempore, Student Senate 
Jennifer Jones-Hall Chairperson,
University Council

Kevin Thurman Chairperson, Campus Council 
Michael Hanley Chairperson, Faculty Council/Senate Representative 765-285-8748 Associate Professor of Journalism
Elizabeth Agnew Senate Representative (2015) 765-285-2645 Associate Professor of Religious Studies
Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies
Laura O'Hara
Senate Representative (2016)
765-285-1998 Associate Professor of Communication Studies, Department of Communication Studies
Darren Wheeler Senate Representative (2015) 765-285-8780    

Associate Professor of Political Science
Department of Political Science

Bryan Kubel President Pro Tempore   Student Senate
Terry King Ex officio member (Voting) 765-285-1333 Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
MelanieTurner UndersecretaryUniversity Senate/Non-voting 765-285-5724 Undersecretary University Senate
University Senate
North Quad (NQ), Room 365
Ball State University
Muncie, IN 47306

Phone: 765-285-5724
Fax: 765-285-2384