Ball State Campus

Outreach and Education

Sponsored Projects Administration (SPA) offers a variety of educational opportunities for every stage of the sponsored project life cycle. Whether you are one of our new "alpha" faculty or seasoned professional with an interest in extramural funding, we have a program to fit your needs.

Throughout the year, SPA staff hold workshops and informational sessions on a range of topics, including:

  • Cayuse424 Training
  • Focus on the Search 
  • Fulbright Scholar Program 
  • Grant Writing Essentials series 
  • How to Fund Your Research (Graduate School Orientation) 
  • Research Tools (partnership with the University Libraries) 
  • Research Week
  • SPA Fellows Program
  • Classroom presentations for graduate-level courses

All sessions are posted and advertised with University Learning and Development. You can register for them through the Minicourse system. To request a classroom presentation, please use our Presentation Request Form

SPA communicates information about research and creative endeavors at Ball State through various media platforms and events, including:

Visit the Ball State Communication Center for notifications under “Research & Programs” about our offerings throughout the year. 

Watch a three-minute video describing SPA's proposal development process.