Living off campus means you have your own space. While you have every right to enjoy your living space how you like, we encourage you to be mindful of those living around you.

We offer several tips on how to make sure your living environment outside of your four walls is a peaceful and happy one.

Being a Good Neighbor
Civic responsibility emanates from a sense of shared ownership and responsibility on the part of all residents built upon basic levels of mutual respect. Availability and response of services, engagement in civic dialogue, and attitudes of cooperation.

In order to be a responsible community member, consider the following:

Know Your Neighbors
Your neighbors may be students, but they may also be families with children or senior citizens. They may go to work early each morning or have children who go to school. Be respectful of their sleeping times. No one says you have to be best of friends, but it is a good idea to know you neighbors' names and phone number in case of an emergency, or so they can call you as opposed to the police if they have a concern.

Know How to Have Fun
No one says you can't have a good time with your friends at your place, but when you do, it is a good idea to think of your neighbors, because if the bash gets out of hand, they may call the police. For more information, visit Student Legal Services located in the Student Center L-17.

Loud Music
All of us have those songs or shows that we make us want to turn up volume, but if the neighbors can hear it, it might be too loud. A good test is if you can hear it at your property line, it is probably too loud. To avoid a visit by the police and a possible ticket, check the noise level outside periodically.

Keep the Trash Picked Up
You may not have every afternoon to keep your stuff spotless, but everyone can at least keep the yard picked up, kept up, and looking neat and clean. The City of Muncie has a code ordinance to address how the trash must be disposed and the level of cleanliness of your yard.

Where You Park Your Car
No one likes to live next to a junkyard or a parking lot. While you may have more cars than spaces, you can't just use the yard as extended parking. Find out more information on parking options in Muncie at the Muncie City Hall.

The Alternative...
If you choose to not be a good neighbor, you run the risk of having conflict between you and your neighbors, a violation of the Student Code of Conduct, and possible problems with the city officials such as police and code enforcement.

Solving Problems
While living off-campus, you may find yourself in a situation you may not know how to handle. Please consult the Tenants Handbook or the Legal Guide for Students, which is prepared by Student Legal Services, for additional information regarding:

  • leasing and renting
  • questions to consider
  • finding the right place
  • roommates
  • moving in and out
  • subleasing
  • security deposits