Absence Notifications

If you need to be away from campus for an extended period of time, our staff can help you to notify your instructors of your absence. Anyone may call our office on your behalf, but we will ask the reason for the absence and the date you anticipate returning.

In the event of an unanticipated absence in which you are missing classes for three days or longer due to illness, injury, death in the family, or an emergency situation, students can contact our office. When you return, you need to follow up with your instructors to make up missed assignments.

This notification is not an excuse, and it will still be necessary for you to provide documentation for the absence to your instructors when you return. This service merely provides immediate notification of an extended absence with expected follow-up contact by you with all of your instructors.

Please note: If you anticipate an absence of less than three days, you are encouraged to speak to your instructors prior to the absence, stating the reason and discussing the opportunity to make up missed assignments.
In the case of an emergency, we will also help family members reach a student in class.
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