University Police

Ball State University Police, a division of the Department of Public Safety, is headquartered at 200 N. McKinley Ave., Muncie, IN 47306, (765) 285-1111.

By virtue of Indiana Codes 20-12-3.5-1 through 20-12-3.5-6 and 21-39-4-6, Ball State Police officers have full police powers throughout the State of Indiana, including the authority to arrest individuals. The Ball State Police also have mutual aid agreements with the City of Muncie and Delaware County. While the mutual aid agreements do not address the investigation of criminal incidents, the Ball State Police department has its own investigators and can receive and offer assistance to other law enforcement agencies in criminal investigations.

Ball State police officers enforce all state and local laws, including underage drinking, controlled substances, crimes against property, and crimes against persons. University Police works cooperatively with local, county, and state law enforcement agencies.

University Police also works closely with the Office of Student Rights and Community Standards and the Office of Housing and Residential Life to enforce the Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities (see


All crimes or suspected crimes on campus should be reported immediately to University Police. Crimes occurring off campus can also be reported to University Police or to the Muncie Police Department, the Delaware County Police, or the Indiana State Police, depending upon where the incident occurred.

Emergencies: 911

• Ball State Police: (765) 285-1111
• Muncie Police: (765) 747-4838
• Delaware County Police: (765) 747-7878
• Indiana State Police: (765) 282-1223

In response to a call, Ball State police will take the required action, either by dispatching an officer to the caller’s location or asking the caller to report to the Ball State police station to file an incident report. Ball State police reports involving students are referred to the Office of Student Rights and Community Standards for potential action, as appropriate. Ball State police investigators will investigate a report when it is deemed appropriate.