University Teleplex

Project Requirements

  • Teams may include Ball State University students from any academic discipline.
  • Teams must consists of a minimum of 2 students. There is no maximum number of students.
  • The project must include an educational component, and collaboration must be a significant and integral part of the project, either in its progress or its outcome.
  • In keeping with PBS and Ball State University standards, the nature of the content created must be suitable for all audiences.
  • All student members of the team must be enrolled as a full-time undergraduate or graduate level students at Ball State University during the current academic year.
  • Mandatory obligations include on-air of video and a strong web presence.
  • A minimum of thirty (30) minutes total of combined content, not to exceed sixty (60) minutes of total combined content.
  • Teams must submit a grant proposal detailing in 500 words or less how their team would collaborate with other students to develop the immersive project/concept focusing on the creation and execution of local programming, marketing promotions and web components for WIPB-TV.