Below is a list that includes information about some of the applications and software that are most commonly used by faculty and staff.

  • Antivirus: One of the most important things you can do to protect your computer is to run an updated antivirus program.
  • Blackboard: A Web-based content management system that allows faculty to provide course content to students and allows students and faculty to communicate and collaborate.
  • Communications Center (CommCenter): The Communications Center streamlines internal communications at Ball State, providing a more efficient and effective method for the university to share and receive timely announcements, news, and information.
  • Course Evaluations:  Faculty can review course evaluations using Digital Measures.
  • E-mail:  Microsoft Exchange e-mail accounts are provided for faculty, staff, and students.  
  • Grade Submission:  Learn how to electronically submit your grades to the Registrar.
  • Box:  An online digital account that lets you store documents, pictures, and more that you can then access via computer and mobile devices.