Supported Hardware

Supported Hardware - University-owned Equipment

Because of the trends in the computer industry, situations arise where it is desirable to replace a piece of equipment with a newer and faster model even though the older one still works. This becomes a real dilemma when Hardware Repair is called on to repair an older piece of equipment that, while technically fixable, is not worth fixing. As a result, the Supported Hardware list is regularly updated to add newer products and to eliminate older products. University departments should budget in anticipation of replacing older computer equipment. Wherever possible, UTS will project dates for which a model's "retirement" is anticipated.

Supported Hardware - Student-owned Equipment

Hardware Repair Technicians are certified by Apple. They provide hardware repair for Apple computers even if they were not bought at the Technology Store. If you are a student who purchased your Windows-based laptop at the Technology Store, Hardware Repair can repair it. The technicians have been certified to work on the computers that are sold in the Technology Store. 

Hardware Repair
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