Working Well

Dedicated Lactation Rooms

Lactation Room LogoBall State University provides three dedicated lactation rooms on campus for faculty, staff, and students to support women balancing their return to work with their needs as mothers of young children.

Role of the employee

Employees of the university who are currently lactating and/or breastfeeding are responsible for requesting and arranging with their supervisor a reasonable break or flexible scheduling time to pump or breastfeed. Individual users of the rooms must provide their own breast pump and refrigeration for their milk. Entrance to the lactation rooms will require an access card. This card can be obtained from the Working Well office, located in HC 004, or by calling 765-285-9355. All lactation rooms will include electrical outlets, a locking door, and chairs for users.

Employees may also wish to present a letter (PDF) from their physician to share with deans or supervisors to inform them of their lactation and/or breastfeeding needs and potential use of the rooms.

Role of the supervisor

Supervisors are responsible for providing reasonable paid break times each day for lactating and/or breastfeeding employees. These breaks will be allocated once every 3–4 hours for an estimated time of up to 30 minutes each to pump or breastfeed. Supervisors must also identify the location of the lactation rooms with a logo, making it easier for lactating and/or breastfeeding employees to locate it for use. Supervisors are to assist in providing a positive atmosphere of support for lactating and/or breastfeeding employees, and are also encouraged to set up a temporary/permanent lactation space in their area. If you are a supervisor with a proposed location for this permanent need in mind, contact Working Well at 765-285-9355 to report the room and request necessary signage. Proposed lactation locations cannot include bathroom stalls or temporary storage areas as suitable spaces.


If lactating and/or breastfeeding employees prefer, they may also express milk in their own private offices. If so, the individual may download a printable sign (PDF) if she wishes to hang one on the outside of her door for privacy.

Lactation Room Locations

  • Bracken Library, Room 414 - access card is needed
  • Ball Communication Building, Room 180A - access card is needed
  • Student Center, Room 22A - access card is needed
  • Applied Technology, Room 140A - access card is needed

For assistance in finding the locations on campus, please visit our campus map.