Gratitude Challenge

Several studies confirm that gratitude can help alleviate stress and increase happiness so let’s continue this season of giving thanks by focusing on gratitude. 

Working Well invites you to participate in the Gratitude Challenge.   This 21-day challenge is flexible so that you can start it anytime. 

Complete the 21-day challenge and see how gratitude can positively impact your life. Each week for three weeks you will have options to choose from (or you can create your own!) to express your gratitude.

Start anytime between Thanksgiving week November 20 and January 10

All you have to do is:

1. Email with "Challenge Accepted!" to receive your Gratitude Challenge Kit.

2. Experience the 21-Day Gratitude Challenge on your own schedule anytime between November 20 and January 31

3. Share your thoughts about the challenge with Working Well after you have completed it.  

Final Results Final Newsletter (PDF Version)

National Champion Winners *

Twisted Sisters & Josh - Woodworth Dining  8,194,108
Walking in the Woods - Woodworth Dining 7,706,351
Everyday Athletes - Recreation Services 7,412,374

Conference Champion Winners *

Team BBMARS - Elliott Dining 6,775,498
Good Vibe Tribe - Purchasing 6,665,254

Top 25 Champion Winners *

Landlines - Landscaping & Telephone Services 5,451,566
Scrambled Legs & Achin - Multiple departments 5,246,566

Non-Competitive Participation Winners **

Accounting is our "LIFO" - Accounting & Facilities 4,775,822
We Walk with Bach - WIPB, IPR, T-Com 3,441,657


* Selected by highest step total
** Selected by random drawing