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Personal Training

BSU Recreation Services provides a variety of personal training options in collaboration with Studio 22 for faculty and staff. All Personal Trainers are national certified and trained to provide the best experience to help assist you in meeting your goals.

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Introduction Package - $104.00

My 12 Week Fitness Coach
3 meetings with a certified fitness trainer
Your trainer will help you set appropriate goals for your current level of health and fitness.

Meeting 1 - Assessment, planning, goal setting - you will be sent with the workout routine that is best for you and proper instruction on how to carry out the plan
Meeting 2 (6 weeks) - Evaluation of progress, planning, instruction for 6 more weeks of workouts
Meeting 3 (12 weeks) - Final evaluation and assessment - goal setting for future plans

This program is best for either a limited budget, or for individuals who trust that he or she can stay committed to performing consistent weekly workouts (given the tools and instruction provided) without the constant supervision of a trainer.  If you need more consistent contact and supervision with a trainer, then choose a different package.

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Additional Packages

50 minute fully supervised and guided workout sessions with a certified personal trainer. Workout sessions are based solely on your personal goals and current level of health and fitness. Fitness assessments (body fat %, etc.) are done periodically and as necessary and are included in the price. Men and women of all ages will greatly benefit from any package we offer.

8 Sessions (2 per week) - $335.00

16 Sessions (2 per week) - $609.00

9 Sessions (3 per week) - $305.00

18 Sessions (3 per week) - $546.00


About Studio 22 - Studio 22 began in March 2000 as Muncie's only exclusive private personal training studio and remains so to this day. Studio 22 has quickly grown into the area's finest and most reliable resource for anyone interested in improving any aspect of health and fitness. Studio 22 will continue to grow and prosper thanks to our wonderful staff and committed clientele. Find out more about Studio 22...