Working Well

Oh… the places Hank and you can go!

It is time to take Hoosier Hank on your walk. Hoosier Hank is here and ready to get you walking in preparation for Walk Indiana.  

Who:  Employees who are willing to walk for their health and track their steps 

What: A walking contest between departments that helps prepare you for Walk Indiana on September 6 

When:  July 14 – September 5 (Registration deadline is July 9, 2014) 

Where:  Anywhere you and Hoosier Hank would like to go 

How:  Join a team and track your steps on a daily basis. At the end of the day, record your total number of steps taken. At the end of the week, give your weekly total to your Hoosier Hank team leader. At the end of the eight weeks, the department with the highest average number of steps wins!  

*Print your personal Walking Log

Registration Form

BONUS: To help document and also add fun to your adventure, we ask that you email a few of your photos with Hoosier Hank to us at or post on Working Well’s Facebook page. Let us know where your adventure took you and how many steps you had! Submit your photos weekly!