University Finances

Ball State's annual operating expenses were about $421 million in fiscal year 2013, with total compensation for personnel exceeding $286 million, including benefits. Overall, the university's net position increased to  $718 million. Ball State received $139.5 million in general operating state appropriations in 2012-13.

Annual Financial Data

Audited Financial Report 2013 (PDF)
Audited Financial Report 2012 (PDF)
Audited Financial Report 2011 (PDF)
Audited Financial Report 2010 (PDF)
Audited Financial Report 2009 (PDF)
Audited Financial Report 2008 (PDF)
Audited Financial Report 2007 (PDF)
Audited Financial Report 2006 (PDF)
Audited Financial Report 2005 (PDF) 

Retiree Benefits Financial Data
Audited Retiree Benefits Financial Report 2010 (PDF) 
Audited Retiree Benefits Financial Report 2009 (PDF)
Audited Retiree Benefits Financial Report 2008 (PDF)
Audited Retiree Benefits Financial Report 2007 (PDF)

State Appropriations Data 
History of General Operating State Appropriations (PDF)

History of Revenues and Expenditures by Source/Type (Combined)
Revenues and Expenditures 2013-14 (PDF)
Revenues and Expenditures 2012-13 (PDF)
Revenues and Expenditures 2011-12 (PDF)

History of Revenues by Source/Type

Revenues 2010-11 (PDF)
Revenues 2009-10 (PDF)
Revenues 2008-09 (PDF)
Revenues 2007-08 (PDF)
Revenues 2006-07 (PDF)
Revenues 2005-06 (PDF) 
Revenues 2004-05 (PDF)  

History of Expenditures by Source/Type
Expenditures 2010-11 (PDF)
Expenditures 2009-10 (PDF)
Expenditures 2008-09 (PDF)
Expenditures 2007-08 (PDF)
Expenditures 2006-07 (PDF)
Expenditures 2005-06 (PDF) 
Expenditures 2004-05 (PDF) 

NOTE: Information in this section was last updated on December 20, 2013.

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