Education Redefined 2.0: Advancing Indiana

Rich past. Bold present. Bright future.

Strategic plans create the urgency for action while providing focus and clarity. They are servants to the master of results and offer meaning in a dynamic and challenging environment while holding us to the values and vision we hold most dear. Plans guide us into a future that we cannot fully know or anticipate and allow us to keep sight of what we want most to become.

President Jo Ann Gora views ancient coins in the David Owsley Museum of Art with student Olivia Romero.

Ball State is at a special time in its history. We now have a full year of results from the strategic plan for 2012–2017, Education Redefined 2.0: Advancing Indiana. We are making great strides toward our vision to become recognized for relentlessly focusing on learning outcomes, solving today’s greatest educational challenges, providing bright and curious students a holistic learning experience, and bringing fresh and pragmatic thinking to the problems facing Indiana and beyond. We have bold goals, and you will find that we are achieving them.

While we are pleased with our progress, we are not satisfied. The university will soon complete an Academic Long-Range Plan, which will guide our academic offerings over the next 20 to 30 years, as well as a Comprehensive Campus Master Plan, which will steer how the physical campus will develop over the same time frame to support our academic vision. The plans are being developed in concert to ensure they are mutually supportive and reinforcing.

Kayleigh Mohler with legislatorAt Ball State, we have an entrepreneurial spirit that drives us to create new thinking in higher education. That spirit reaches deeply into our rich past, all the way back to our founding when the Ball brothers purchased a normal school and donated it to the State of Indiana. They had a vision of a community where learning could serve not only the students but the public good and where those committed to teaching and learning could help communities and businesses solve their greatest challenges. It is where we began, where we are, and where we are going.

Today we stand as a strong university that benefits innumerable individuals and organizations. In this 2014 update, enjoy the stories about how our commitment to redefining education has enriched students, faculty, alumni, donors, and community partners:

Strategic Plan Scorecard