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Enterprise Systems and Process Renewal Project

Project Governance

Governing Principle: The ERP project is a large and complex set of projects with many cross-functional interdependencies. The implementation will be dynamic; there will continue to be some ambiguity, and many key decisions will be made throughout the duration of the projects. Interpersonal communications will be key, and it is important for members of the teams to engage positively with the project.

Preliminary Governance Guidelines

  1. The shared institutional goal for replacing the administrative systems is to improve management, provide appropriate access, and ensure reliability of our shared information.
  2. The Executive Committee will work to provide adequate staffing and backfill and minimize as much as possible overloaded work schedules.
  3. All efforts will be made to complete the project within the designated 30 months timeframe and within budget. Scope considerations will be made in the context of these factors. Significant and costly modifications and customizations to the base system will require Executive Committee approval. 
  4. All involved in the project will employ a cross-functional perspective and strive to assist each other, no matter the unit or division, in learning and understanding the new system.
  5. All decisions will be balanced around their optimal increase in functionality and sensitivity to controlling costs of the overall project.
  6. We will strive to simplify our data structure through standardization, improve system functionality, enhance self-service, reduce duplication of effort, and provide a reliable and secure information system.
  7. Third-party system purchase decisions require Executive Committee approval. SunGard third-party recommendations will be adopted; variations require written documentation of a compelling need.
  8. Policy and configuration decisions will be addressed at the lowest appropriate level. However, if resolution cannot be reached that decision will be escalated to the next level of authority, with the Executive Committee as the ultimate authority to render a decision. All key configuration, functionality, and policy decisions will be documented and made available on the ERP SharePoint site.
  9. Each escalated policy and configuration issue, no matter the level within the project team, will be presented in writing with a description of the issues, balanced review of the options, and explanations as to why a final decision could not be rendered. 
  10. Critical decisions will be made within 24 hours before they are escalated. 
  11. The Executive Committee, Executive Management Support Team, and Implementation Leadership Team will conduct regular meetings (weekly through monthly), as a single group and within their respective levels, with an announced schedule, two months in advance, and posted on the project SharePoint site.