Enterprise Systems and Process Renewal Project

Streamlined For Students

By fall 2012, Ball State students will have a virtual one-stop shop for everything from course registration to bill payment. 

Steve Reed, coordinator of enterprise systems at University College, and other members of the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) student core team are responsible for implementing the SunGuard Banner Digital Campus module for student services. Among other tasks, the team is responsible for migrating student data and curriculum rules, planning and developing automation of repetitive tasks, and planning and developing workflows for the registrar’s and commencement offices. Reed’s role is focused on various student-related processes such as advising, classroom scheduling, and transfer course evaluation.

The timeline is ambitious. The course catalog is slated go online in late December (for classes in fall 2012), followed by course schedules and financial aid in February and course registration in March. Before they go live, the modules will be rigorously tested, and the people who use them will be trained.

“While all the details for the student system are far from being finalized, at this point I’m most excited about the integrated nature of the different Banner components and the enhanced student experience,” Reed says. “By that, I mean the ability for a student to access information about his or her experience at Ball State in a single location, the student portal in Banner.

“At present, students are required to access different stand-alone systems to plan future courses, request courses, view schedules, and later perform changes to schedules. They also have to access different systems to view financial aid and pay outstanding balances. With Banner, those processes will be migrated into one system that provides a much more streamlined experience for students.”

The student core team is taking a similar approach as the finance team, which implemented the Banner system in July 2011. Using Banner templates, the student core team is seeking ways to minimize customization, which makes updates easier.

“We started the Banner implementation by looking at our processes at a high level and asking if there was anything we could do differently to benefit students, faculty, staff, parents, and alumni,” Reed says. “Cross-functional teams, including the student core team, were recruited from the various admissions areas, the registrar’s office, bursar’s office, financial aid, academic advising, catalog and scheduling, and information technology. This is a great group of individuals, and much progress is being made.”