Enterprise Systems and Process Renewal Project

Students’ Home Sweet Homes

As assistant director of housing and residence life, Becky Isaacs understands that one of the keys to college success is students’ satisfaction with their campus living arrangements.

Isaacs is also the enthusiastic lead project manager for StarRez, the new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) housing software for residence halls and university apartment housing. Students started using StarRez within the Banner system in April.

“Students have enough challenges at college,” Isaacs says. “If you’re not happy with your residence hall room or your roommate, it can be a real concern. With the launch of StarRez, we believe we’re making things even easier for Ball State students.”

Offering a new level of convenience, StarRez allows students the ability to choose their contract type and meal plan, pay housing deposits, and search online for potential roommates.

“Now that the entire housing application and contract are online, that will certainly make it easier for students to complete the process all at once,” Isaacs says. “And that says nothing about the added benefits of maintaining Banner as our system of record to ensure a much greater consistency and accuracy with student information.

“Already, we’re noticing less confusion and fewer phone calls from incoming students for the fall 2012 semester.”

StarRez also allows students to provide more criteria when searching for a roommate. “Now we have a bigger picture to look at, and students can drill down to a level where they can even be matched by music preference,” Issacs says.