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Enterprise Systems and Process Renewal Project

Project Team Structure

Executive Committee
Sponsorship for the project is provided by an Executive Committee composed of all Ball State vice presidents. The Executive Committee reviews the budget plan monthly.

Executive Management Support Team
Executive Management Support Team (EMS) members are responsible for bringing their functional and organizational expertise to bear on project decisions while maintaining a holistic perspective on the implementation. They work together to resolve issues that have been escalated by the Implementation Team and recognize when issues need to be escalated to the Executive Committee. Issues that require changes to policy are to be referred to the Executive Committee with recommendation and options from the Executive Management Support Team. Issues that impact the project timeline are managed by the EMS. Members of the EMS facilitate communication in their respective division and within the overall project team to keep all up-to-date on activities and issues.

EMS members include:
Loren Malm, Information Technology
Phil Sachtleben, Business Affairs
Laura Helms, Academic Affairs
Amy Reed, Advancement
Curt Westfall, Enrollment, Marketing, and Communications
Lynda Wiley, Student Affairs

Project Management Team
Ball State project management responsibilities are handled by a designated project manager and deputy project manager, along with designated project administrators and support staff, to ensure smooth coordination of project activities, contract compliance, and timely resolution of issues that may arise. The Ball State Project Management Team works closely with the SunGard Higher Education project management staff.

Implementation Leadership Team (Process Leads)
This group represents the broad administrative and functionality components of the institution and is involved in oversight of day-to-day project activities and decisions. Responsibilities of the Implementation Team include oversight of business process definition and documentation; team management and administration; addressing cross-functional integration touch points; and maintaining cross-functional team communications.

Members of the Implementation Leadership Team serve as the primary point of contact for the SunGard functional experts assigned to their particular software module. Implementation Team members have responsibility for assigning tasks and keeping the Ball State project manager informed of progress.

Core System Process Teams
The core teams are involved in ongoing training, configuration, testing, legacy integrations, and other activities specific to their areas of expertise. The core teams are Finance; Human Resources and Payroll; Student and Financial Aid; and Advancement. An Information Technology core team will integrate with and support the other core teams.

Implementation Work Groups
Core System Process Team members will help identify critical cross-functional and technical work group subject matter experts to address particular module functionality, tasks, and initiatives throughout the implementation. Implementation work groups are flexible and modular teams that help the Core System Process Team ensure all functionality around a certain business process is addressed.