Enterprise Systems and Process Renewal Project

From the Desk of the Project Manager: March 3, 2011

This is the first in a series of monthly Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) project updates based on the assessment of Bill Reed, project manager. As project manager, Reed works with the various teams involved in implementing the ERP systems, as well as supporting the Executive Committee in managing and tracking the overall project. To receive these updates automatically in your inbox, subscribe to the ERP category at www.bsu.edu/commcenter. For more information, visit www.bsu.edu/erp.

Project implementation is on schedule, and no unusual issues or major concerns have arisen. The team working on the Finance portion of the project, the first major system planned to go live, continues to make great progress. That system remains on track for a July 2011 launch.

Other Details
Planning: Baseline project plans have been completed for the Finance and HR/Payroll modules. The Student/Financial Aid module plan has been developed as a working draft, with general agreement on the overall schedule. Planning activities for the Advancement product will resume later in the year.

HR/Payroll: The team working on this module successfully loaded a large number of tables into the test environment in late February.

Student/Financial Aid: Business process modeling sessions, in which our SunGard Higher Education (SGHE) partners learn how Ball State plans to approach given processes, have been completed. SGHE is finalizing the resulting documentation.

Data Standards Workgroup: The workgroup, which is assessing issues of data conversion, is making good progress via its weekly meeting schedule.

Training and Communication: An updated SharePoint site has been launched and serves as a central repository for documents related to the project. Discussions have been held to confirm the approach and schedule for Finance user training in May and June.