Enterprise Systems and Process Renewal Project

From the Desk of the Project Manager: June 2011

This is part of a series of monthly Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) project updates based on the assessment of Bill Reed, project manager. Reed works with the various teams involved in implementing the ERP systems, as well as supporting the Executive Committee in managing and tracking the overall project. To receive these updates automatically in your inbox, subscribe to the ERP category at www.bsu.edu/commcenter. For more information, visit www.bsu.edu/erp.
The first two systems are nearing release: Banner Finance and SciQuest Higher Markets are positioned to go live as planned July 1, pending final testing. The next two releases following Finance are for International Admissions in August and Admissions in September, plus the new CollegeNet online application system.

No major issues have arisen at this time. Overall, progress on this large, complex project continues at a good pace.

Other Details
Student/Financial Aid: The Student team is refining the implementation task plan for conversion of Ball State's course catalog and schedule into Banner. Implementation of the selected classroom scheduling system will also need to be synced with the catalog/schedule timeline.

Finance and Training: Training materials and schedules are being finalized. Sessions will be scheduled over the summer.

Human Resources/Payroll: The team continues to make good progress. Configuration and system education activities have gone well; conversion work will begin soon. The team is beginning its planning work for use of electronic forms.