Enterprise Systems and Process Renewal Project

From the Desk of the Project Manager: August 2011

This is part of a series of monthly Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) project updates based on the assessment of Bill Reed, project manager. Reed works with the various teams involved in implementing the ERP systems, as well as supporting the Executive Committee in managing and tracking the overall project. To receive these updates automatically in your inbox, subscribe to the ERP category at www.bsu.edu/commcenter. For more information, visit www.bsu.edu/erp.

Training continues for users of the new Banner Finance and the SciQuest procurement systems. A few outstanding issues remain, particularly with the approval workflow for travel and expense reimbursement. Everyone involved continues to work diligently to resolve these issues.

The new fsaAtlas (international admissions), Banner Admissions, and CollegeNet online application systems are on track to go live over the next month or so. The next major release to follow Admissions will be HR/Payroll in January, and this too is on schedule.

Overall, progress on this large, complex project continues at a good pace.

Other Details
Student/Financial Aid: The first test of the conversion of "person records" from the legacy system to Banner was completed successfully. In addition, a new account creation and notification process is being developed to support the Admissions release. This new process improves the procedure by which applicants will be supplied with their Ball State credentials for online access to information about the status of their applications.

Finance: Overall campus reaction to the Banner Finance and SciQuest procurement releases has been very positive. The fix for the issues with travel and expense reimbursement approvals has been identified and implemented in our test environment. Testing will continue for the next several weeks before the fix is implemented in the production environment used by the campus community.

Luminis portal: The target date for the initial release of the Luminis portal has been set at January 2, 2012, at which time staff and faculty would be given access to coincide with the release of Employee Self-Service for HR/Payroll.