Enterprise Systems and Process Renewal Project

From the Desk of the Project Manager: November 2011

This is part of a series of monthly Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) project updates based on the assessment of Bill Reed, project manager. Reed works with the various teams involved in implementing the ERP systems, as well as supporting the Executive Committee in managing and tracking the overall project. To receive these updates automatically in your inbox, subscribe to the ERP category at www.bsu.edu/commcenter. For more information, visit www.bsu.edu/erp.

Progress continues on this large, complex project. The migration of employee data and testing of the HR system are on track, and the team remains on schedule to go live at the end of the year. The first round of validation of migrated student data was executed successfully. Round two, which will include the first validation of academic history details such as courses and grades, is under way. The financial aid team is also on schedule, as members completed a substantial amount of final testing and training in October. Work on the Luminis portal picked up in earnest as the team prepares for that initial rollout in January to support employee self-service and financial aid.

Other details
Finance: The team continues to work through issues related to travel and expense workflows. Testing should be completed shortly, followed by re-release of the travel and expense workflow. The team also is making progress on modifying a recent BDMS patch to address an issue with viewing supporting materials attached to journal vouchers.

HR/Payroll: The HR team is entering the final validation and testing period. The team has made good progress working with the Career Center staff to develop new processes and tools to handle student employment.

Student (Admissions): The team has made progress since the CollegeNet online application for prospective undergraduates went live. Undergraduate applications submitted via CollegeNet and Royall are being entered manually while electronic file transfer processes are developed and tested. Graduate applications are being accepted via the legacy system until the CollegeNet graduate application is ready to go live. The Admissions team began communicating decisions to applicants Nov. 3.

Student (Financial Aid): The team is entering its final testing and training period.

Student (Catalog/Schedule): Validation of the course catalog in Banner has been completed and departmental training for schedule building has begun.

Student (Academic History): The team successfully completed the first of three rounds of general student and academic history data conversion during the week of Oct 17. Round two will include reloads of all round one data plus courses and grades.
Student (Registration): Creation of test cases, test data, and process documentation will be a priority over the next two months in preparation for the first simulated registration event test cycle scheduled for December.

Luminis: Basic training has been completed for management of the portal. The portal will roll out in stages that correspond to Banner functionality, supporting employee self-service in early January followed by financial aid, then student in March.