Enterprise Systems and Process Renewal Project

From the Desk of the Project Manager: January 2012


This is part of a series of monthly Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) project updates based on the assessment of Bill Reed, project manager. Reed works with the various teams involved in implementing the ERP systems, as well as supporting the Executive Committee in managing and tracking the overall project. To receive these updates automatically in your inbox, subscribe to the ERP category at www.bsu.edu/commcenter. For more information, visit www.bsu.edu/erp.


Significant progress was made in December toward major project milestones. Final testing and preparation for launch was completed for both HR/Payroll and Financial Aid, both of which go live this month. The first cycle of simulated course registration testing was completed. Some necessary revisions of the fall 2012 schedule build were identified, and rework is planned. Implementation activity for student accounts receivable is now well under way.

Other details

Planning: Contract negotiations are ongoing with the provider of the recommended payment gateway/cashiering system. That planning and implementation work needs to begin in January, with the target of a June/July launch date. Work on implementation of DegreeWorks, the new degree audit system, also is scheduled to begin this month.

HR/Payroll: The team worked many extra hours, including through the holiday break, in order to meet its deadlines for final testing and launch. Employee data was converted on Friday, December 30, with validation and cleanup taking place throughout the holiday weekend. The new system was functional when staff returned on January 3.

Student Team (Admissions): Processes are being refined, additional applications are being loaded, applicant credentials being supplied and used, and applicants are being admitted. The Admissions team needs to continue working with the Graduate School and International offices on their application processes.

Student Team (Financial Aid): Final prep and conversion should take place as planned over the next two weeks. The Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid will then be live on Banner. In mid-February, financial aid applicants can check their statuses and accept financial aid awards via Self Service Banner (SSB).

Student Team (Academic History): Conversion and validation is ongoing.

Student Team (Accounts Receivable): This area is on track with no significant issues.

Student Team (Registration): The first basic registration test cycle was completed; two additional cycles (each with more extensive process testing) are planned prior to going live.

Student Team (Housing): The hosted system is available and implementation work is under way. Anticipated launch for StarRez is April.