Enterprise Systems and Process Renewal Project

Course Registration

Late in the semester, you will receive an e-mail in your bsu.edu account informing you of when you can register for classes. This is called your time ticket, and once your time arrives, you will be eligible to register. Please make sure that you are able to receive e-mail in your Ball State account so you will receive this important message.

Ball State uses a real-time, on-demand system for course registration. Once the time listed on your time ticket arrives, you register for a class, and the registration will take place immediately. If the course is full or you do not have the appropriate prerequisites, you will be notified. Departments also are able to create wait-lists within the system, so you can join the list for a course you want that is full without having to call or visit the department office.

You can search the list of course offerings to plan which courses and sections to enroll in when registration begins. Access the listing by visiting http://my.bsu.edu and logging in with your Ball State username and password. Under Banner Links in the Home tab, select SSB – Self-Service Banner. Click on the Student tab and select Course Catalog & Class Offerings.

We strongly encourage you to meet with your advisor and plan which courses you will take. You can consult your advisor and the course catalog to learn about program requirements. Your advisor can help you to use the new system to identify which courses are available and prepare a list of specific sections you want to enroll in. By keeping a list of the reference numbers for those sections, you will be able to quickly and easily sign up when registration begins.

If you have questions, contact erpstudent@bsu.edu.