Enterprise Systems and Process Renewal Project

Where We’ve Been

Phase One: Readiness and Preparation

The purpose of this phase was to assess Ball State’s readiness for a project of this size and complexity; to identify critical needs to be met and functionality to be gained (or retained); to begin to identify staffing needs for such a project; and to develop planning documents.

During the fall 2009 semester, our consulting partner worked closely with the Project Steering Team on interviews and focus groups with key campus constituencies. We also used online surveys and in-person interviews to gather information to inform the development of a preliminary project plan for enterprise systems renewal.

Phase Two: Solutions Evaluation and Procurement

The second phase of the project involved the rigorous evaluation of potential administrative system solutions.

Faculty and staff provided input into the features our new system should include, which was used in developing a request for proposal (RFP) to send to vendors.

Respondents to that RFP were invited to campus to show how their systems work in a “real world” environment relevant to the university through scripted demonstrations. Employees from across campus attended and provided a feedback on how well the vendors met the requirements Ball State had laid out for them.

After much deliberation, the Executive Committee determined in July 2010 that SunGard’s proposal was best for the university and entered contract negotiations. Those negotiations concluded successfully in late August 2010.