In January 2005, a 26-member task force made of up faculty members, students, administrators, and professional staff began the process of creating a new strategic plan for Ball State University.

The task force was guided by the following planning assumptions set forth by President Jo Ann Gora:

  1. While some targeted and strategic growth at the graduate level is warranted, the university's focus will remain at the undergraduate level.
  2. Building nationally ranked academic programs and increasing selectivity in admissions will enhance our visibility and reputation.
  3. Certain performance measurements, such as retention and graduation rates, will continue to be important to the Indiana Commission on Higher Education.
  4. Guaranteeing an experiential learning experience to academically qualified students will enhance the distinctiveness of the academic major.
  5. State financial support for higher education will be limited in the future. Developing alternative revenue sources should be encouraged.
  6. Maintaining our commitment to enhancing the economic vitality of Indiana will be essential for achieving broad legislative support.
  7. Continuing our practice of developing and implementing the most effective use of technology in teaching and learning is essential to our mission and our distinctiveness.
  8. Providing a diverse faculty, staff, and student population enhances the educational environment and reflects the global economy of the 21st century.

The meeting agendas and minutes of the strategic planning process are included here.