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Goal 2: Scholarship

Goal 2: Scholarship. Ball State University will support and reward faculty and student scholarship of discovery, integration, application, and teaching.

Objective A. Increase the number of quality faculty development opportunities to support high-quality scholarship.

  • By 2008, all professional development activities that support scholarship will be analyzed for effectiveness.

Objective B. Expand extramural funding to support scholarship.

  • Increase external funding for scholarly work by 150 percent.
  • Increase number of competitive proposals submitted to funding agencies by 40 percent.
  • By 2012, increase the median size of grants from funding agencies by 150 percent.
  • By 2010, research centers and institutes will have at least 80 percent of budgets supported by external funds.

Objective C. Increase the number of faculty and students and the breadth of disciplines engaged in scholarship.

  • By 2009, achieve 10 percent growth in total graduate student numbers over 2006–07 base.
  • By 2012, increase the number of faculty who are submitting one or more external proposals per year by 50 percent.

Objective D. Recognize scholarship of discovery, integration, application, and teaching with implementation defined at the department level.

  • By 2009, revise promotion and tenure guidelines in each academic unit to recognize scholarship of discovery, integration, application, and teaching.

Objective E. Grow selected graduate programs to support increased scholarship.

  • By 2008, target 10 on-campus graduate programs for enrollment growth.
  • By 2012, establish two new graduate programs in targeted areas.
  • By 2012, increase the percent of graduate assistantships supported by external grants or sponsored programs to 20 percent.

Objective F. Attract and retain highly productive faculty of national prominence.

  • Create a continuously replenishing pool of salary funds to address market and other inequities.


Objective i. Develop university-wide marketing communication and branding strategies that support the goals and strategies of the plan by raising the visibility and enhancing favorable perceptions of Ball State University among key audiences.

  • During 2009, develop initial strategic communications plan for current students, faculty, and staff, addressing Goal 2 objectives and outcomes.
  • During 2007, develop an updated marketing approach for Extended Education, coordinating with other enrollment objectives.
  • During 2008, launch an academic research periodical to extend the reach and frequency of the university message of faculty and student discovery, integration, application, and teaching.
  • By fall 2007, launch a redesigned Ball State Web site that supports Goal 2 objectives and outcomes.  

Objective ii. Increase financial resources available to support strategic directions.

  • By 2012, increase to 30 the number of endowed chairs/professorships.

Objective iii. Maintain best-practice use and innovative use of information technology in support of strategic directions. 

  • By 2012, increase to 14,000 the number of online journals available through the library.
  • By 2012, increase to 75,000 the number of digital assets available to faculty and students.