Goal 3: Engagement

Goal 3: Engagement. Ball State University will address local, state, national, and international needs through activities that foster collaboration and mutually beneficial relationships with its diverse constituents.

Objective A. Foster and support activities of faculty, staff, and students that have the potential to lead to enterprising ventures.

  • By 2012, 10 commercial ventures will be created from university-owned intellectual property.
  • Create a plan to stimulate growth of emerging media business clusters in Indiana.

Objective B. Offer market-responsive educational, cultural, and economic development programs that meet the needs of external partners.

  • By 2012, increase the university’s off-campus credit enrollments by 30 percent over 2006–07 base (See 1.E.).
  • By 2008, fully establish Bowen Center for Public Affairs and support with $1.15 million in external funds.

Objective C. Expand the success and reach of Ball State’s Building Better Communities (BBC) initiative, dedicated to expanding economic opportunities and advancing quality of life in communities across Indiana.

  • Grow Building Better Communities projects and programs by 10 percent annually.

Objective D. Lead Indiana in authorizing charter schools and be the premier resource supporting the success of all charter schools.

  • By 2012, authorize at least 50 charter schools throughout the state.
  • By the beginning of school year 2012–13, 10,000 students will be enrolled in Ball State-sponsored charter schools.
  • By school year 2012–13, of the major charter sponsors in the state of Indiana, Ball State will have the highest percentage of schools meeting the No Child Left Behind Act Adequate Yearly Progress.

Objective E. Provide working professionals in Indianapolis access to professional development through graduate programs, skill enhancements, and facility access.

  • By 2009, offer self-supporting Extended Education programs from four colleges.
  • By 2008, conduct 10 Building Better Communities programs annually in Indianapolis.
  • By 2008, establish permanent Center for Media Design staff presence in Indianapolis.
  • By 2010, the Indianapolis Center will be self-supporting.
  • By 2009, offer two additional graduate certificates in the greater Indianapolis area.


Objective i. Develop university-wide marketing communication and branding strategies that support the goals and strategies of the plan by raising the visibility and enhancing favorable perceptions of Ball State University among key audiences.

  • During 2007, collaborate with Building Better Communities to refine existing strategic marketing plan.
  • During spring 2008, formalize efforts to maximize the visibility of key university administrators and faculty.
  • By fall 2007, launch a redesigned Ball State Web site that supports Goal 3 objectives and outcomes.

Objective ii. Increase financial resources available to support strategic directions.

  • By 2009, raise $400,000 to support the startup of the Indianapolis Center.

Objective iii. Maintain best-practice use and innovative use of information technology in support of strategic directions.

  • By 2012, 100 percent of the electronic student services will be Web accessible.
  • By fall 2009, complete an inventory study of all student services not yet Web enabled.
  • By fall 2008, have a review and evaluation of enterprise system alternatives.
  • By fall 2008, have a work plan that informs enterprise systems solutions timelines.