Goal 4: Community

Goal 4: Community. Ball State University will improve the university community’s quality of life.

Objective A. Increase student, staff, faculty, and family participation in a coordinated wellness program.

  • By 2012, increase participation in recreation and wellness activities by 30 percent over 2006–07 base.
  • By 2010, achieve 70 percent faculty and staff participation in the wellness program.
  • By 2010, complete construction of recreation and wellness facility.
  • Engage the campus community in a comprehensive discussion about conversion to a tobacco-free campus.

Objective B. Create a service-oriented campus culture in all units.

  • Complete customer service guidelines by the end of 2007.
  • By 2009, complete customer service training for all units on campus.

Objective C. Achieve greater success and recognition in extramural athletics and academic competitions.

  • By 2008, win three MAC championships per year in various sports. (Intercollegiate Athletics)
  • By 2008, field at least two student academic competition teams in each college.
  • By 2008, establish an aggressive honors and award nomination process for the university and in each department and college.
  • By the end of 2007, develop a five-year gender equity plan.

Objective D. Increase diversity of student, faculty, and staff populations and enhance the climate supporting diversity.

  • By 2012, increase faculty diversity to 15 percent and staff diversity to 9.5 percent.

Objective E. Plan and execute new construction and renovations of campus facilities to best support learning, scholarship, institutional effectiveness, and quality of life.

  • By 2011, complete renewal of three academic buildings.
  • By 2012, construct two new academic buildings.
  • By 2010, complete construction of recreation and wellness facility.
  • By 2007, upgrade football stadium.
  • By 2009, complete major renewal of L. A. Pittenger Student Center.
  • By 2010, construct two new residence halls.
  • By 2012, upgrade campus infrastructure to support the academic and support functions of the university.
  • By 2012, complete renewal of Central Utility Plant.
  • All new construction on campus will seek USGBC certification at the rating of LEED_NC Silver performance or better.
  • All construction renovations will explore the possibility of USGBC certification at the rating of LEED_EB certified performance or better.
  • By 2010, complete construction of new residence hall dining services. 

Objective F. Increase the vitality of campus social and cultural life.

  • By 2012, engage 20 percent more students over 2006–07 base in cocurricular and extracurricular experiences.
  • By 2007, complete a plan for redeveloping Riverside Avenue and strengthening Greek life.
  • By 2008, the Ball State University Council on the Environment, through its representative members, will create sustainability plans for each unit represented.
  • By 2012, double the number of students who participate in enhanced living-learning community opportunities that are academically based and theme connected.
  • By 2012, increase by 20 percent over 2006–07 base participation in cultural activities on campus.


Objective i. Develop university-wide marketing communication and branding strategies that support the goals and strategies of the plan by raising the visibility and enhancing favorable perceptions of Ball State University among key audiences.

  • During 2009, develop a plan to launch internal e-communication tools to support Goal 4 objectives.
  • By fall 2007, launch a redesigned Ball State Web site that supports Goal 4 objectives and outcomes.
  • By 2012, significantly shift the image of campus life from "average" toward "vibrant" in support of Goal 4 objectives.

Objective ii. Increase financial resources available to support strategic directions.

  • By 2012, complete a comprehensive campaign with a goal of in excess of $200 million upon approval of the National Campaign Committee.
  • By 2012, increase unrestricted private gift support to $1.5 million annually.
  • By 2012, achieve 16 percent alumni annual giving participation.
  • By 2012, increase endowment by $100 million in new commitments.
  • Increase planned gift commitments annually in support of campaign and endowment building by $50 million.

Objective iii. Maintain best-practice use and innovative use of information technology in support of strategic directions.

  • By 2012, increase by 20 percent the amount of university-produced media content distributed to the community.