Vision and Mission

Read our vision and mission from the university's current strategic plan, Education Redefined 2.0: Advancing Indiana.


Ball State University will be a national model of excellence for challenging, learner-centered academic communities that advance knowledge and improve economic vitality and quality of life. 


Ball State University is an innovative, supportive academic community that inspires students by:

  • Offering action-oriented learning, including immersive out-of-class experiences, research, and study-abroad.
  • Providing extraordinary access to and collaboration with professors who create scholarship to advance knowledge, improve teaching, and transform learning.
  • Engaging state, national, and international communities to enhance educational, economic, and cultural development.

Values and Statements 
As a vital academic institution, we value an open learning community, extending opportunities beyond the confines of walls or roles. We recognize that creating and sustaining a climate for open inquiry, investigation, exchange of ideas, and creative activity requires active support of intellectual freedom for all members of the community. We are dedicated to providing opportunities for interdisciplinary work and for collaboration, looking to teamwork for problem solving in the classroom, within the institution, and with the larger communities to which the university belongs. We promote habits of mind that will enable our graduates to value and appreciate the arts, sciences, and humanities; to remain intellectually curious; and to embrace learning as a way of life.

As a public institution, we participate in the democratic vision of an educated and responsible citizenry. We expect all members of the university community to act with integrity and civility; to acquire, discover, create, and apply knowledge responsibly; and to recognize, respect, and welcome the diverse cultures, heritages, and perspectives within our institution and the larger community. We recognize that we live and work in a global, diverse, and technological society, and we seek to serve, engage with, and learn from members of our community, the state, nation, and world.

As civic and professional leaders, we value civic engagement with the larger communities of which we are a part and are dedicated to preparing civic and professional leaders for the future. We accept our individual and institutional responsibilities to improve the economic vitality and quality of life in the greater society we serve. We seek healthy and productive living, social justice, and environmental sustainability for Indiana, the nation, and the global community.