Extensive Opportunities

As we actively pursue higher enrollment for our underrepresented minority populations, students such as Phil Diaz shine.

Phil Diaz, Ball State blogger and Emmy Award Winner
On the ninth floor of Johnson Complex, Diaz trains students about the latest digital media technology in the Emerging Media Penthouse. Diaz, ’13, physics, is a blogger for Ball State and an Emmy Award winner for State of Assault documentary, an immersive learning project through the Virginia B. Ball Center for Creative Inquiry.

“The equipment here is nothing like what I’ve seen at other schools,” says Diaz. “I know of many places where not even sophomores, let alone freshmen, are allowed to get their hands on equipment and create to their heart’s desire. This facility will help not only students who want to make films but also those who want to take their class projects to a new level with numerous media possibilities.”

Our minority population rose to 11.9 percent in the 2010 freshman class and 10.9 percent among all undergraduates.

Goal 1, Objective A: By 2012, achieve 15 percent of total enrollment from underrepresented minority populations.