Year Three Progress Report: Strategic Plan at Midterm

Solidifying Our Position of Strength

In 2007, our faculty and administrators began implementing our bold strategic plan, which includes goals to sustain our place in a changing world and to create a more distinctive educational experience for our students. Our plan has served as our guide as we navigate new opportunities and new challenges, particularly the tough economic issues facing all colleges and universities today. 

Now at the midpoint of implementation, we are able to see the success of our efforts. We are on track or have completed 80 of our more than 100 identified objectives. Here, we highlight just a few areas of progress. For information about all of our objectives, view the annual progress metrics spreadsheet

Engaged. We are enrolling more students who hold academic honors diplomas, and our students are earning more prestigious national scholarships

Immersive. We are able to offer more students the opportunity to take part in immersive learning, which is the cornerstone of our plan. 

Green. Our vibrant campus continues to grow with environmentally conscious construction and building renovations and our innovative geothermal project, the largest of its kind in the nation. 

Bold. The goals of our Ball State Bold capital campaign directly reflect the goals of our strategic plan-leading to a bolder future for Ball State. 

As we move forward, we will continue look to our plan to guide our decision making. Our strategic actions will solidify our position of strength.