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Measures of Progress: Engaged

A Trend in High-Achieving Students 

Following an upward trend, the number of high-achieving students attending Ball State rose again this year. In fall 2009, 61.1 percent of incoming freshmen completed the Indiana Academic Honors Diploma, up from 55.4 percent in 2008 and 50.9 percent in 2007. The university’s progress is especially impressive considering that only 32 percent of Indiana’s high school graduates completed the Academic Honors Diploma in 2009.  

Goal 1, Objective A: By 2012, achieve 80 percent of total incoming freshman class holding Academic Honors Diplomas or equivalent.   


Honors College Enrollment on the Rise 

The number of students holding Academic Honors Diplomas isn’t the only number on the rise. In fall 2009, the Honors College

enrolled the largest class in recent memory. A total of 343 freshmen began studying in the college, an increase of nearly 19 percent over 2008. 

The Honors College’s new home in the renovated Edmund F. and Virginia B. Ball Honors opened its doors this fall, following nearly two years and $1.3 million in renovations. The house creates a welcoming atmosphere right in the center of campus for Honors College students to gather and spend time both during and outside of class. Honors College students also moved into the remodeled DeHority Complex this fall. Conveniently located just across the street from Ball Honors House, the residence hall provides a light-filled, comfortable, and convenient home away from home for Honors College students.

Goal 1, Objective A: By 2012, achieve 10 percent of freshman class enrollment participating in the Honors College.


Graduate School Enrollment Rises 

The number of graduate students at Ball State increased again in fall 2009, achieving the goal set in Education Redefined: Strategic Plan 2007–2012. The university saw increases in the number of students enrolled in both master’s and doctoral-level programs, with 3,664 total students enrolled in the Graduate School

. While test scores for admitted doctoral students fell slightly, the number of applicants to all graduate-level programs from underrepresented minority populations increased from 2008.

Goal 2, Objective C: By 2009, achieve 10 percent growth in total graduate student numbers over 2006–07 base.

Goal 1, Objective A: By 2012, increase to 15 percent the number of degree-seeking graduate student applicants from underrepresented minority population annually. 

Retention Rate Steady, Total Enrollment Up 

The freshman retention rate remained steady this year, contributing to an increase in total enrollment. In addition to a rise in graduate student enrollment, international

student enrollment also increased, with 243 new international students on campus, up from 147 in fall 2008. In fall 2009, there were 21,401 total students enrolled in Ball State programs, an increase of 5.7 percent from 2008.



Goal 1, Objective A: By 2012, achieve 80 percent first-year retention rate.