Education Redefined 2.0: Advancing Indiana

Our Vision, Mission, and Values


We seek to become recognized for providing bright and curious students a holistic learning experience that occurs both in and out of the classroom; for being relentlessly focused on learning outcomes; for embracing and solving today’s greatest educational challenges; and for bringing fresh and pragmatic thinking to the problems facing communities, businesses, and governments in Indiana and beyond.


As a public research university, we focus on students and high-quality, relevant educational outcomes. Disciplinary knowledge is integrated with application. We do this in a manner that fundamentally changes students, researchers, and our external partners, who look to the university for guidance. We transform information into knowledge, knowledge into judgment, and judgment into action that addresses complex problems.


We are committed to the traditional values of the academy: freedom of inquiry, imparting knowledge, and advancing the frontiers of knowledge, all for the purpose of bettering society and individuals. As a creatively pragmatic institution, we seek to articulate our distinctive place in an increasingly diverse and interconnected world while holding these values dear.

External forces will continue to shape the role of higher education. We seek to lead rather than follow, with the following aspirations as our guide:

We challenge:

  • the current educational paradigm
  • our students to question assumptions and extend boundaries
  • disciplinary constraints
  • ourselves to be strategic with limited resources

We advance:

  • critical thinking and creative problem solving
  • scholarship and creative activity
  • coherent, integrated student experiences
  • innovative built spaces and campus infrastructure

We embrace:

  • accountability, adaptability, and agility
  • engagement with communities across Indiana
  • diversity and inclusion
  • a high-quality working and learning environment