1. Attend all your classes and participate
  2. Don't be a "know it all", you will be amazed at what you don't know! Attend SI (Supplemental Instruction) sessions.
  3. Ask for help immediately, don't wait until mid-term
  4. Get to know your instructors & know your "Faculty Advisor"
  5. Make use of your instructors office hours, get help & clear up anything you are not sure about.
  6. Free Tutors are available for all "core" courses - NQ 350 (phone: 765-285-1006) 
  7. Review your test with your instructor if he/she does not review the exam in class.
  8. Keep track of your grades (quizzes, papers, and tests)
  9. Ask questions in class
  10. Keep up on your assigned readings & complete all assignments even if they are not collected and graded.