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Key Economic Sectors in Indiana: Regions 1-12 and State Overview

Produced for the Indiana Economic Development Corporation, this series examines the most critical industrial sectors in 12 regions of Indiana.­ We analyze the employment situation and raw inputs as well as the potential for growth.

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Forecast Memorandum: What Happened to Indiana GDP in 2014?

CBER director Michael J. Hicks explains the context of Indiana's GDP performance in 2014 and its implications.  Published June 12, 2015.

Conexus Indiana 2015 Manufacturing and Logistics Report Card

The annual Manufacturing and Logistics Report Card evaluates the health manufacturing and logistics industries in each state using a unique combination of factors including educational attainment of the workforce, attractive business policies, and sector diversification.  This annual piece is created for Conexus Indiana, a state initiative to improve manufacturing and logistics.

The companion report, The Myth and Reality of Manufacturing in America, examines the conditions surrounding the industry before and after the Great Recession.  We debunk commonly held misconceptions about the industry and estimate future health.

Published June 11, 2015.

View the national overview, Indiana profile, companion report, and interactive history of each state through the project website: http://conexus.cberdata.org (free to the public)

A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Pseudoephedrine Drug Policy in Indiana

The objective of this study is to estimate the impact of transitioning PSE (pseudoephedrine) from over-the-counter to prescription-only. Issues ­include Medicaid spending, cost to households, loss in sales tax revenues to the state government, and productivity loss to the employers in Indiana using both models of historical data and simulation models of proposed changes.

Mounds Lake Peer Review

In this collection of documents, professionals from many disciplines weigh in on the proposed Mounds Lake Reservoir project in Madison and Delaware counties. Published March 5, 2015.

Note: This peer review is simply the professional opinion of the authors and is not sponsored by any organization.

Assessment Quality: Sales Ratio Analysis of Residential Properties in Indiana

Produced for the Indiana Association of REALTORSTM, this policy brief focuses on the property tax base (gross assessed value)­and provides a detailed examination of the uniformity of property tax assessment in the state. ­We find that low-value residential properties tend to be over-assessed, and high-value properties tend to be under-assessed.­  Published March 4, 2015.

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