CBER Data Center Web Tools

Ball State University's Center for Business and Economic Research is a federally designated state data center.  In addition to our economic forecasting events and in-depth economic analysis, we also produce a suite of free, publicly available web tools.  You can use the links below or visit cberdata.org.

Data Resources

Economic Indicators 

View regularly updated data sets from primary sources for the U.S., Indiana, and Indiana's metro areas.  Update notifications are available through the Indiana Business Bulletin and Twitter.

Indiana County Profiles 

Access county-level information including demographics, education, health, and social capital.  The site also includes the Economic Impact Calculator, a tool that estimates the direct and indirect effects of the introduction of a new business to a county.

Brownfield Grant Writers' Tool 

Created for the special needs of grant writers, this site offers county-level information including demographics, education, health, and social capital. Includes information about tax increment financing (TIF) and the Economic Impact Calculator for estimating the economic and fiscal effects of new business development.

Analysis and Perspective

Indiana Community Asset Inventory and Rankings 

This report provides an objective, data-focused assessment of the factors that influence the quality of life and the economic conditions within each county.

Manufacturing and Logistics Report 

Produced for Conexus Indiana, this annual report grades state performance on a number of factors that affect the health of the manufacturing industry.

Weekly Commentary 

Ball State economist Michael J. Hicks delivers his personal perspective on current issues in business, government, and society.  His weekly commentary is distributed through the Indianapolis Business Journal, the Associated Press newswire, and the Indiana Business Bulletin, among other news outlets.


Economic Impact Calculator 

Estimate the economic impact of a new business in a given county.

Illinois-to-Indiana Tax Savings Calculator 

Thinking of moving?  Compare daily living costs of neighboring states at the county level.


Cost of Living Index

Joining a nationwide network of researchers sponsored by the Council for Community and Economic Research, CBER gathers data on more than 100 different consumption items each quarter—the cost of common items such as a gallon of milk or a carton of eggs. The resulting data provide a nationwide cost of living index, which is used to compare Muncie, Ind., with more than 250 communities across the country.

Labor Market Forecasts

Projections of economic activity in Indiana are difficult to obtain and often focus on a few top level variables. Our labor market forecasts are designed to project employment, wages, job turnovers, and other labor market factors for Indiana’s labor markets.