Community Knowledge Database

Successful communities have a sense of place—qualities and amenities that give residences a sense of pride and belonging.  These areas offer great schools and vibrant neighborhoods that attract highly educated adults who want to raise a family.  This high-caliber pool of workers then attracts business developers, who in turn trigger economic growth and tourism, which further elevate the reputation and sense of place.

The Community Knowledge Database is a resource for citizens who want to improve the quality of their communities.  The database offers a collection of resources, including studies on successful community projects, recommendations for starting your own initiative, and a list of experts who are willing to provide guidance.

Information is divided by categories.  The Best Practices Database, created by the office of Building Better Communities, offers several additional categories and information.

Arts Integration

A collaboration between CBER and the College of Fine Arts, this topic explores how a robust art community increases the economic well-being of the entire community.  Learn more.

Topics in the Building Better Communities Best Practices Database