Ball Memorial Hospital

Establishing walking fitness routes both inside and outside of the hospital building for employees, rehabilitation patients, and the public to use.
Timeline: Fall 2008
Partners: Ball Memorial Hospital Foundation

Isanogel Center Master Plan

In long term planning, we look toward a complete overhaul of current facilities. In the future, we would like to see Isanogel move towards development of several smaller cabins that could each sleep approximately 10 campers and 4 staff. Ideally, we would like to see approximately 8 of the smaller cabin buildings. We are also looking to increase the indoor program space available. We would like to see at least one structure that would be a safe storm shelter able to accommodate 150 individuals. We also look forward to increasing program options with the potential addition of a pond/lake for fishing, horse barn and trails, and an archery range. Ideally, we would like to see central air in all facilities (including an updated health center and the lodge). The kitchen facilities are also in need of update to include better functionality in design.
Timeline: Spring 2009
Partners: Hilcroft Services Inc.

Muncie Children's Museum

Redesign of the TotSpot exhibit area.
Timeline: TBD
Partners: Muncie Children's Museum

Neighborhood Quality of Life Studies

Neighborhood Studies for Whitley, Minnetrista, Gilbert and McKinley Neighborhoods
Timeline: Fall 2008
Partners: City of Muncie

HOPE VI Housing Charrette 

Community Charrette to explore HOPE VI and affordable housing options for Parkview Apartment site
Timeline: Fall 2008
Partners:  Muncie Housing Authority, City of Muncie