Computational Nanoscience

CCN Research Assistants

Dale Igram, Graduate Student
Research Project: Efficient tight-binding analysis for electron transmission through DNA
Research Mentor: Dr. Yong Joe

Zhe Kan, Graduate Student
Research Mentor: Dr. Mahfuza Khatun

Aeryk Kuna, Undergraduate student
Chemistry major, physics minor
Area of specialty: chemical physics and nanoscience
Research Project: Visualizing the valence electronic structure of molecules
Research Mentor: Dr. Antonio Cancio

Sadeq Malakooti, Graduate Student
Research Project: Nearest-neighbor inter-strand coupling effects on electron transport through DNA
Research Mentor: Dr. Yong Joe

Zach Nault, Graduate Student
Area of specialty: solid state physics
Research Project: Measuring the performance of recent density functional theories for solids
Research Mentor: Dr. Antonio Cancio

Shaun Wood, Graduate student
Area of specialty: computational science
Research Project: Refactoring and user interface design of a density functional code for atoms
Research Mentor: Dr. Mahfuza Khatun

Center for Computational Nanoscience
Cooper Physical Science Building (CP), room 201
Ball State University
Muncie, IN 47306

Phone: 765-285-8879