A bit about your bytes - Data Media

Recording measurements using the instrumentation package results in the creation of a Microsoft Excel 2003 file of relatively small size. Users will need to have a means of storing and leaving with the file at the conclusion of their testing. The computer running the instruments will accept a USB flash drive. This computer also has a network connection if the user prefers to transfer a file to a remote server via FTP. User files may not be left on the CERES Artificial Sky computer.

Your right hand - Lab Assistant

The CERES Mirror Box Artificial Sky is a staffed facility. When reserving the use of the facility, a trained testing assistant will also be scheduled to assist you with the technical and logistical aspects of your testing session.

The more, the merrier - Team vs. Solo

It is helpful to have more than one person present when performing testing. The data collection computer is located outside of the sky chamber. It is convenient to have one person outside operating the computer while at least one other is inside the sky chamber attending to the model and sensors. In most situations, the Lab Assistant can assume the role of computer operator. It can often be helpful to have a third person present who can assist with the model and sensors.