Begin packing your luggage - Saving/Leaving with the Data

As was previously mentioned, users will need to have a means of leaving with the data file(s) at the conclusion of their testing. The computer running the instruments will accept a USB flash drive. This computer also has a network connection if the user prefers to transfer a file to a remote server via FTP. User files may not be left on the Artificial Sky computer. The Lab Assistant can help the user with this process.

Before leaving the Box
and after testing
is complete, please return
the sensors to the
correct numbered red,
holding cap and wrap
the wires loosely
around the two knobs
below the holder.

Time to remove that pacemaker - Removing the Sensors

Sensors should be carefully removed from the model and placed, face down into their numbered, red plastic holding cap. Make sure that sensor wires are untangled before placing the sensor heads in their holders.

Defusing the bomb, a very delicate wiring job - Sensor Wire Management

IMPORTANT - Once the sensor heads are in place in their holders, CAREFULLY and LOOSELY wrap the sensor wire between the two knobs below the sensor's holder. DO NOT wrap the wires tightly around the knobs. This will damage the wires and the sensors. Please consult the Lab Assistant for help in wrapping the sensor wires.

Moving day - Removing the Model

Carefully remove the model from the table and take it out of the chamber via the access door. Remember that lowering or slightly moving the model table may be necessary to remove the model without touching the mirrors. Please consult the Lab Assistant for help with this. No items should be left in the chamber after testing.

Once again, "Head's Up" (down... really) - Leaving the Sky

Duck out of the box
to avoid injury.
Also, be careful with
your physcial model
as you duck out.

Watch your head and shoulders. Exercise the same care when leaving the testing chamber to avoid personal injury or damage to the device when passing through the door opening. Take that EXTRA STEP while ducked down. The device door should be closed once everything has been removed from the chamber.

And Remember...

Lights out, but keep a breeze blowing - Turning Off the Lights

If no other users are scheduled to use the chamber in the next 30 minutes turn off both banks of lights but leave the fan switch turned on.

Just chill - Cool Down Time

Depending upon room temperature and weather conditions the sky chamber can require up to 30 minutes of cool down time with the lamps off and fan running to cool off the lighting system.

Final shutdown - Turning Off the Fan

If the user is still in the room 30 minutes after testing, the fan should be switched off. A user does not need to stay to do this however, when in doubt, the fan should be left running and a Lab Assistant or other staff member will check the fan at the end of the day.

Light bank to turn on lights and fanBank of the light in close
proximity to light box.

The pot of gold - Viewing Results

The results and graphs are preserved in the spreadsheet file and can be viewed at any time by the user by opening the file on another computer with Microsoft Excel and by switching between tabs in the spreadsheet. Once the base data is collected, the format and appearance of the graphs can be altered to suit the user's purpose. It is recommended however that any manipulations to the spreadsheet be done on a copy of the file to preserve and protect the original data collection in case it is needed in the future This will also avoid potential data damage during any graph editing.