Child Study Center


Forms to be completed at initial enrollment:
Application: This form is to be completed by the family during the initial request for the child's enrollment. Contact the CSC Administrative Office via phone 765-285-1987 or email if you would like to be sent an application for your child.

  • Intake Agreement & Release of Information
  • Birth Certificate
  • Health Exam Record*
  • Policies to Protect

Forms to be completed at enrollment and updated annually:

  • Contract
  • Medical Information and Authorization

Forms to be completed at enrollment and/or updated each semester:

  • Children with Special Needs & Special Diets
  • Help Us Get to Know Your Infant/Toddler or Child
  • Feeding Plan (for children under 24 months of age)

Forms to be completed as occasions arise:

  • Consent to Participate in Research
  • Preschool Field Trip Permission

* All forms are due prior to leaving your child for care except the Health Exam Record which is due within 30 days of enrollment.

To be safe and stay safe: Any changes in address, phone number, employment, doctor, emergency contact, medical information, etc., are to be submitted to the director in writing (use the Change of Information Form located on classroom bulletin boards or in the main office) immediately upon change! This is in the best interest of your family!

Department of Family and Consumer Sciences
Child Study Center
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Phone: 765-285-1987
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