What is the Preschool Lab like inside and out?
The Preschool Lab is in a ranch-style house and includes Teacher/Education Coordinator office, two restrooms, four rooms of learning centers, and a nap room. Daily learning centers include:

  • Art
  • Block Area
  • Books
  • Discovery Table
  • Dress Up Clothes
  • Housekeeping
  • Musical Instruments
  • Pets
  • Puzzles
  • Science
  • Snack Area
  • Toys for small Muscle Development and Eye/Hand Coordination¬†
  • Writing Center
  • An indoor area includes an individual space for each child to place coats and personal belongings.

The outdoor classroom learning environment includes playhouses, climbing equipment, train, swings, tunnel and hill, riding toys and tricycle track. The playground design was a collaborative effort between the FCS department and architecture department students.