What will my preschooler do on a typical day?
Each session follows a sequence of activities. Consistency is important to promote a sense of security. Daily activities provide a balance between stimulation and relaxation, individual, and small and large group activities. Activities are based on weekly themes. Field trips and resource people may be included in each semester's curriculum. A typical day consists of:

  • Indoor Choice Time with Learning Centers: Children have a choice of art or cooking, and prewriting activities, music, pet care, manipulatives and puzzles, pretend play, block building, discovery table, science activities and math learning.
  • Cleanup and Hand Washing for Snacks: All children are asked to participate in keeping their environment organized and attractive. As the room is cleaned, children wash their hands and prepare for snacks.
  • Snack Time: A variety of foods that are light and nutritious are offered to the children. Snacks are planned around U.S.D.A guidelines in order to promote healthy eating habits. Menus are posted. All children are encouraged to wash their hands and sit at the snack table. Children gather their own table service. Food is served family style; children pour their own drinks and serve themselves. At snack time, a teacher will sit at each table and eat with the children and engage them in conversation. Although all children are encouraged to try snack, any child may choose not to eat. Children clear their table service, scrape their plates, and discard paper products. After snack, children wash hands and are encouraged to use the bathroom. Children in our care for more than one snack or meal will be provided opportunity to brush teeth. (Child's family provides supplies.)
  • Outdoor Classroom: Not only is this a time for development of large motor skills, but also a time when social skills are being strengthened. In addition, by including planned activities outdoors, as weather permits, we provide added opportunities for cognitive learning as children write with chalk and play games associated with our science theme, etc. Because we consider outside time such an important developmental experience, daily activities occur in our outdoor learning environment. According to state guidelines, children have daily outdoor play at 25degrees and above.
  • Circle Time: This time emphasizes the designated theme through songs, storytelling, finger-plays, puppetry, pictures, nursery rhymes, etc.
  • Small Group Time: Children will participate in a science activity, journal writing or other activity lead by a teacher. This is a time in which children will work in small groups on specific activities. We give individual attention to the development of writing skills, as well as encouraging scientific curiosity, vocabulary building, and math understandings.
  • Gross Motor Activity: The activity at this time is designed to enhance large muscle development. Games are non-waiting, win/win where there are no losers and all children can be successful. This activity may occur earlier in the routine depending on the day's planned activities or be combined with departure time.
  • Departure: The children will gather in the back indoor classroom or outdoor classroom with the assistant teacher. They will get their things together and read stories, play games or quietly prepare for the arrival of their parent to pick them up.