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User Experience Research


User Experience
User experience research at the Center for Media Design (CMD) includes a wide variety of usability, eye tracking, and qualitative projects to better understand consumer interaction with devices and platforms. Research of this nature can be used to test prototypes, inform design processes and explore continually evolving opportunities for platform-specific or cross-platform interactivity.

Interactive TV Research
Insight and Research Director Mike Bloxham has been researching consumer interaction with TV interfaces since long before he came to the CMD. Insight and Research projects exploring iTV design include explorations of interactive TV widgets, movie download applications, electronic program guides, video game interface design, and more.

Advanced Usability 
Our computer-based and TV-based usability research and qualitative data collection can be used in conjunction with eye tracking, providing an extremely rich understanding of the user experience. This deep dive into user interaction with content allows us to make highly specific and actionable recommendations for interface and design changes. Eye tracking and usability research can be conducted as a dynamic, multiphasic design process, testing prototypes as changes are implemented.