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   A Play Date with the iPad: Real People Experience Apple’s New Tablet (FREE)
Post Date: July 2010
Jen Milks and Mike Bloxham

This new white paper goes back to a group of ordinary consumers to explore their experience owning an iPad for 24 hours. Learn how their orientation towards the iPad changed based on their user experience with the device. 


Touching Consumers? Real People Discuss the Promise of the iPad (FREE)
Post Date: April 2010
Jen Milks, Mike Bloxham

This brand new white paper released just in time for the iPad launch, explores consumer perspectives on the features and functionality of the iPad as described by Steve Jobs, as well as where it might fit in their daily routines and their intent to purchase the device.


Messaging Behaviors, Preferences, and Personas Whitepaper (FREE)
Post Date: October, 2008

In spite of the amount of time and energy 18- to 34-year-olds spend with social networking sites, they may not be as receptive to marketing messages via those channels. According to this new report, consumers in this group say they are more likely to be persuaded by marketing messages received via more traditional channels such as direct mail and e-mail.


Understanding Internet Health-Related Search Patterns: How Useful is Google Trends? (FREE) 
Post Date: July, 2008 
Peter Ellery, William Vaughn 

The newest white paper from the CMD explores public search behavior for health-related information in a new way: using the Google Trends service to investigate how consumers look for health-information on the Web.

High School Media Too

High School Media Too: A School Day in the Lives of Fifteen Teenagers (FREE) 
Post Date: September, 2007 
Bob Papper, Michael Holmes, James Nyce, Mike Bloxham 

This new report from the CMD explores the media behaviors teenagers throughout their day. The methodological pilot tests the extension of the MMSII observational method to this specific group.

remotely interested icon

Remotely Interested? Observing Television Viewers’ Advertising-Related Behaviors (FREE) 
Post Date: September, 2006 
Michelle Prieb, Michael Holmes, Mike Bloxham 

With a debate heating up over the definition and implications of commercial minutes, the latest report from the CMD unveils new behavioral research based on observing what really happens during TV viewing.

Computer Report Cover

The Computer: A Medium for All Reasons (FREE) 
Post Date: July, 2006 
Robert Papper, Michael Holmes, Mark Popovich, Paul Biner, Melinda Messineo, Mike Bloxham 

The third and most recent report in the Middletown Media Series explores computer-based media use throughout the day, in the workplace and the home.

Ad Supported Media

Factors Influencing Mobile Advertising Acceptance: Will Incentives Motivate College Students to Accept Mobile Advertisements? (FREE) 
Post Date: April, 2006 
Michael Hanley, Michael Becker, Jackie Martinsen 

As mobile advertising becomes a lucrative business, Ball State releases research exploring mobile advertisements and incentives among college students.


Mind the Measurement Gap (FREE) 
Post Date: July, 2006 
Jim Spaeth, Michael Holmes, Bill Moult, Mike Bloxham 

Prepared for the Advertising Research Foundation's 2006 Audience Measurement Symposium, this white paper draws upon analysis of MMS2 data to explore media usage not captured by traditional methods

power of play

The Power of Play: Exploring the Impact of the iTV Two-Screen Gaming Experience (FREE) 
Post Date: February, 2006 
Jacqueline Martinsen, Mike Bloxham, Michael Holmes 

A collaboration with cable network GSN, the study combines ethnographic observation and interviews with analysis of response-based data exploring how, why and to what extent viewers engage with TV.

Ad Supported Media

Engaging the Ad-Supported Media: A Middletown Media Studies Whitepaper (FREE) 

Post Date: January, 2006 
Michael Holmes, Robert Papper, Mark Popovich, Mike Bloxham 
MMS 2 data is used to compare and contrast contextual elements of media experiences (i.e. the location, time of day, concurrent media exposure) for major advertising-supported media.

Concurrent Media

Concurrent Media Exposure (FREE) 
Post Date: July, 2005 
Michael Holmes, Robert Papper, Mark Popovich, Mike Bloxham 

This report outlines findings related to the "media multi-tasking" behaviors of consumers, including how common it is, how much of the media day it occupies, and more.

Media day

Media Day (FREE) 
Post Date: July, 2005 
Robert Papper, Michael Holmes, Mark Popovich, Mike Bloxham 

People spend a staggering amount of time engaged with some form of media each day. This report catalogues our daily interactions with media in more detail than ever before.


Middletown Media Studies 1 (FREE) 
Post Date: March, 2004 
Robert Papper, Michael Holmes, Mark Popovich 

The report shatters assumptions about media research methodologies, using telephone surveys, self-report diaries and observations to determine how people use media daily.



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