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Notes From Digital Frontier

Meet the New Notes from the Digital Frontier

Revamped and reenergized with a brand new crop of student writers, Notes from the Digital Frontier features Ball State students sharing their take on what’s happening in the world of media and technology right now. These students, from a variety of backgrounds and departments on campus (not just tech or media-related majors), represent the next generation of consumers and their views can provide insight into the attitudes and behaviors that industry professionals need to consider when trying to reach this vital audience.

The blog is hosted by Mediapost Publications, a publishing and content company, whose website is widely read and influential providing an array of resources for media, marketing and advertising professionals. Our student writers are undergrad and graduate students currently enrolled in an independent study blogging course to help them grow as writers as they contribute content to Mediapost through the blog. This is a unique collaboration between Mediapost and Ball State and we are excited to welcome a fresh batch of students to the blog!

 Check out the blog and see what Ball State students have to say.

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